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Originally released in 2006, with the small initial vinyl edition out of print for years, SHELTER's "Eternal" has become a cherished gem and sought-after collector's item for fans worldwide. Now, End Hits Records and Ray "Ragunath" Cappo have joined forces once again to fill the gap in everyone's SHELTER and vinyl hardcore collection. After 17 long years, "Eternal" will finally be available again, fully remastered and beautifully repackaged.

The record features the legendary Ray Cappo on vocals, complemented by the extraordinary talents of Dave DiCenso (known for his work with Cro-Mags and as the drummer on SHELTER's "Mantra") and Ken Olden (the mastermind behind Damnation AD, Better Than A Thousand, Battery, and Worlds Collide) on guitar and bass. "Eternal" distinctly showcases SHELTER's poppier side with eleven hook-laden and anthemic hardcore songs.

Limited to just 515 copies worldwide in five beautiful vinyl colors and available on all streaming services worldwide onNovember 17th 2023.

Two exclusive silkscreen versions will also be available this time: The End Hits Records online store exclusive (75 copies) and a different silkscreen at New York City's legendary Limited To One Record Store.

01. Meant To Be
02. Built To Resist
03. Eternal
04. My First Priority
05. Back To Vrindavrin
06. My Chance To Live
07. Amend
08. Return To Eden
09. In Defense Of Reality
10. Lotus-like
11. Authenticity

Pressing Information:
42x Test Press
75x Pinkw/ Screenprinted Cover (End Hits Exclusive)
40x Pinkw/ Screenprinted Cover(Limited To One NYC Record Store Exclusive)
100x Baby Blue (Deathwish Exclusive)
100x Yellow (RevHq Exclusive)
100x Purple
100x Green

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